I have no recollection of writing this..

Found flipping through my notebook for free writing before class. I was pretty confused cause i can usually remember the things Ive written but not this one.. only edited slightly and im unsure if the tenses make sense.


“How can I free write when my hands are this cold?

The train slowly came to a stop, the breaks screeching as it made its way into the terminal. Bodies anxiously shifted from foot to foot and huddled closer around the doors. Like zombies drawing in on a victim.

Getting the best seat on the train is similar to an Olypmic race and the winner feels ever so smug. Of course, there are always the courteous ones. The ones who have 5 minutes til their destination and will deliberately chose to stand over sitting. These are the ones we silently thank. They have all our holy gratitude. Because for the ones who have forty minute commutes getting a seat is like life or death.

The fashionable ladies wearing heels seemed to be indifferent to the ..”


stops there

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