The Proust Questionaire.

  1. Your favourite virtue? 
  2. Your favourite qualities in a man?
    Humour, open mindedness
  3. Your favourite qualities in a woman?
    Humour, open mindedness
  4. Your chief characteristic?
    Desire to help?
  5. What you appreciate the most in your friends?
    Adding light to my life!
  6. Your main fault?
    Laziness, low self esteem ( I dont know, can that be a fault?), dependency 
  7. Your favourite occupation?
  8. Your idea of happiness?
    No worries, no health issues. A clear mind,
  9. Your idea of misery?
    missed opportunities 
  10. If not yourself, who would you be?
    the person i’m trying to be! (or you know a fantastically talented singer, who looks like a model and is a genius in every field ..chemistry, physics, etc etc)
  11. Where would you like to live?
  12. Your favourite colour and flower?
    All the colours… no wait… olive green! and wild roses because they smell sweet like candy!
  13. You favourite prose authors
    whats prose again?
  14. Your favourite poets?
    Sylvia Plath and that guy…er..
  15. Your favourite heroes in fiction?
  16. Your favourite heroines in fiction?
  17. Your favourite musicians?
    Regina Spektor, Say Anything…oh no, I really shouldn’t start this list, it’s too long.
  18. Your heroes in real life?
    My brothers?? And/or people with hardships who remain optimistic!
  19. Your favourite heroines in real life?
    People with hardships who remain optimistic! Oh, that one very young (13?), youtuber makeup girl who recently died of a life long battle with cancer but was unbelievably charming and bubbly.
  20. What characters in history do you most dislike?
    Bush?  That guy sucked. Harper?…I’d like to make him history!
  21. Your heroines in World History?
    I do not know enough about history apparently….Anne Frank was pretty amazing though.
  22. Your favourite food and drink?
    Poutine! Pasta! Avocado! Smoothies! Water!
  23. Your favouerite names?
    Xavier , Balthazar Nova (the fish)
  24. What I hate the most?
    Closed mindedness, missed opportunities, when people leave gum under chairs and tables
  25. World history characters I hate the most?
  26. The Natural Talent I’d like to be gifted with?
    Uh…I’ll take anything.. Singing though has always been close to my heart (Thanks mom for the horrendous voice)
  27. How I wish to die?
    never..okay…maybe doing something epic, like saving the planet from a giant laser beam.
  28. What is your present state of mind?
  29. For what fault do you have most toleration?
    Hypocrisy? We’re all hypocrites in one way or another aren’t we?
  30. Your favourite motto?
    “try it again, breathing’s just a rhythm”
    “fear is a poor adviser” < I don’t listen to that one too often. 
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