Dear Matilda,

How are you? I’ve finally gotten my ass to my classes. I somehow managed to miss the first week back. Good start to a new semester? I think so.  In writing today we reviewed the fundamental things we should be practicing every day in our writing.  Not that you need reminding about conflict, because I know you’ve had your fair share, but it is an important element to a plot (or any piece of writing). Pound said “Even at the heart of the things we love, there is often tension”. How true is this?! It reminded me of you and how deeply you love but how mess still seems to follow you in it. Or maybe that’s a pessimistic way of looking at it. Anyway, we’re suppose to be able to develop the ability to spot tension and I don’t think you’ll have a problem with that (Offense, take none *read in a Yoda voice*). I also realized how true it was because I thought about how I can remember literally almost every time I hung out with Noles, and what we said and did before we started dating, and lots of those memories involve some sort of emotional tension. At least for me.

Simplicity and clarity is another thing we talked about. This is a trouble spot for me. We’re suppose to be able to convey the complex (emotional, intellectual) into something simple, easy to understand, relate to etc. I always end up jumbling all over the place. That wasn’t even a real description of anything…jumbling?

I know you’re a lover of words and I think you would appreciate that Pound said  “When you write anything, you should give a shit, you should respect language enough to care”. That goes for anything you do I think. Why not put care and effort into everything? More than likely the outcome will be positive. I feel like I can almost hear you thinking that putting care and effort into (some) relationships is not worth it because the outcome will end up being hurtful. But in the end, you get to take away lessons so that’s positive too.

Anyway, I could ramble on to you for much longer, but I wont. Remember to; Read, write, observe and imagine!!! Have you met anyone new lately? Or been to a new place? If you have please respond with a description of the person or place. If you haven’t..please go to a new place or meet a new person (Even a stranger in a line).

Lots of Love from the Bay,


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