*sighs* *clenches teeth* “it’sssss fine”

If I had to write a letter to my parents about school? HA! I avoid such subjects with my parents. Nothing is more dreadful then “how was your day at school?” “what time do you have class tomorrow?” or even things on similar subjects “how was work?” “When do you work this week”. I’ve had this conversation with my friends as well, and in our bratiness we want to scream “I DON’T KNOW F*CK.. WHO CARES”. Something irks me about sharing with my parents these subjects (or most, Idk, I’m more of a tell it to my journal/friend kind of person). 

“Hi mom and dad.
Yes, Mom, I bet you see my race up to my room  and shut the door as soon as I enter the house and I bet you think I’m doing homework in there. And Dad, yes I have not visited in eons and we can just blame that on school too. The reality is, I don’t spend every waking moment studying and researching and doing assignments. BELIEVE ME, I want to. And don’t start on me with all this free time I have so how can I not be doing school work? Motivation is more difficult for me than you’d think and my life’s not some sun shiney after school cartoon, I’m not exempt from life problems (though it probably seems that way with me constantly being out and about). Life stresses make me avoid doing much of what I should be doing and this results in me always saying “but i don’t have time because of school” which is sometimes received with an understanding look and sometimes with an incredulous one. So I guess I just spent a paragraph explaining to you that I don’t manage my time properly and part of it is due to poor motivation and determination. School is tiring and stressful. Besides all that bad junk I just told you. I do enjoy school. I want to learn everything possible under the sun. And I like my classes even though some of them are repeats because I flubbed the other year. My marks are definitely better, high 80s to low 90s, so I must be doing something right. I like being surrounded by friends every day. I really enjoying finally having a class with one of my friends instead of just seeing them when we happen to have a break at the same time. I try not to spend my breaks in the cafe cause a significantally lower amount of work gets done but I enjoy hanging out and laughing with people. One of my favourite classes is my writing class. Lots of neat stuff is said in there and I like the small size and getting to hear people’s opinions on things often. And no, you can never, ever see any of my writing work. Sorry. I am also starting to realize that I have the daunting task of whether or not I want to take school out of town next year or not. I love my university and I love the profs here, I like being able to talk to people I have already built comfortable relationships with.  Also there is apparently a really cool potential class to take next year that involves A DOG SLEDDING TRIP? I would only move away to be with Noles and to live in an little house for free (yes I realize I already don’t pay rent..but it’s different). Also it would be kind of cool to experience a new town and sometime I think I could be more focused if I plopped myself somewhere new. So I have to really think this one over. So that’s how school is going for the part. A love hate relationship like always.”

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