my voice, your voice, their voice, that voice, our voice, which voice, what voice

I think my voice as a writer is largely self interested. A self interested voice that likes to whine and poke fun at it’self. I find I can be sarcastic too, which apparently is a common feeling among writers. I feel like my voice tends to lean on the “unserious” side…unless of course I am ranting about something I seriously and passionately believe in, but even in those cases I’m bound to throw in something a little unserious too. In my opinion my voice also seems to be uneducated. Like it lacks any semblance of academia. I can’t articulate things very well and my thoughts tend to be disjointed and unorganized. I also tend to blab on and on for centuries. Blabbery at it’s finest. Sometimes it feels like my voice is dreamy. I feel dreamy when I write. Or at least if I am writing.. “poetry” < though, I’m not sure I’d call it that. It’s not like I set out to write ‘poems’ but short phrases ..and ..uh clauses are always popping into my head and half the time they seem quite cheesy and like I’m some fluffy buffy “artiste” (but sometimes Im secretly quite please with some of it) . I’ve already forgotten where I’m going with it. Right talking about voice. But I think I covered most of it..unless any of you 0 people who read the blogs and interact on them can add any opinions about my voice?? (feel free)

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2 Responses to my voice, your voice, their voice, that voice, our voice, which voice, what voice

  1. It’s very open and conversational, as though I could jump right in and discuss things with you. Like this.

  2. Cool! I never thought of it that way. Thanks for da input!

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