a lazy room description!

I know this was suppose to be to help us describe character…right??? Well mine doesn’t do that so much but it’s the first thing I thought of, so I went with it.

Cold concrete walls. Four of them. Encasing years of memories, each unique but all linked by a common denominator.The air feels damp and cold, it smells of must and piss. A single metal bed hides in the corner. Above it, a small window sheds moon light down and illuminates the pale blue sheets. The wall against the bed was carved with words. Words reflecting the deepest and most suppressed desires and thoughts. Words of the feelings that can’t be helped but screamed out into the night, bouncing back into your mouth from each corner of the small room. Opposite of the bed a stainless steel toilet stands. It seems out of place as if it had been carelessly plunked down there by a large hand from above. You need not look in it to know where the foul smell from earlier had came from. That was it. Looking around there was not much else to the room, until something catches your eye. Tucked underneath the mattress you see the edge of something white. Upon further investigation you realized you have pulled out a family photo. It’s a real candid too. Every face expressing a different moment; surprise, annoyance, laughter. They are situated outside the front of the house, all adorned in outfits fit for a professional family photo but the outcome is nothing like practical.

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2 Responses to a lazy room description!

  1. kbabin2013 says:

    I hope this isn’t your bedroom! I liked it, felt like I was in the damp and musty room too.

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