I’m not a creep, I swear….

It’s just that I think public displays of affection are sweet. And I’m not talking about the kind you see on the dance floor on a Saturday night at Crocks, which is more or less verging  on soft core porn (not my thing). I like the simplicity of a kiss or an arm around the shoulder.  It’s the little things that you can feel in that moment, the sense that you are in their shoes, getting butterflies or falling into a state of familiar comfort.
 I’ve liked this long before I ever had my very first (and very late in life) relationship and I can name a few bitter souls who would roll their eyes and cross their arms at such sites. Some might call it weird but I stood and watched from the second story window of the library at a couple below about to part ways.  A tall guy and a short plump girl stood locked in an embrace that my friends and I call ’30 second’ hugs. They are the kind of hugs that squeeze out every extra ounce of warmth in someone. The kind of hugs you give to console a crying person. The kind of hugs you give when you’re trying to extract all the love from your body and pass it into theirs.  So, they stood. And hugged.  And he leaned down to reach her face for a kiss. Something that sparked fondness in me because I know all too well the tricks of being short. Unlocking from their kiss they held hands and walked till the fork in the pathway where they had to part. Ever so slowly they began to let go of each other’s hands, savoring until the last finger tip said it’s goodbye. 
Did the cute stop there? Well of course not. This is a couple surely heavily in like (or love, who knows) with each other. Each walking their own way, they began to periodically wave and say things to one another as they headed towards their separate buildings.

I wish more people would do this. I love seeing love. 

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One Response to I’m not a creep, I swear….

  1. Sweat Pants says:

    I completely agree. Seeing people in like/love makes me so happy. It gives me hope in some odd way.

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