alive with the glory of love

Well, this still needs lots of work, there’s some parts here that even I find awkward and don’t like..welcoming suggestions since i never made it to the workshop!


I never met a raindrop I didn’t like. Each smiling sweetly as they make home on my skin, my hair, my shirt; soaked. I’ve never resented them for the pile of wet clothes they leave behind and how each item clings dearly for life against my body; making me cold and damp. And I’ve never minded that the rain takes show time away from the sun, or that it keeps most people in doors. I love the sheen it leaves behind on everything it touches.  The world seems so fresh and new. (I feel so fresh and new.)

 I’ve loved the rain from the very beginning.  I have a distinct memory of biking to my elementary school in the rain, and for once in my life being early. Rather than rush inside to dry off, I biked past, back and forth, back and forth, letting water run down my face and cool my hands until they were stuck gripping the handle bars. Inside my teacher and friends thought I was crazy but I shrugged it off, it had felt nice. I had liked the feeling of being soaked and I didn’t mind that I would be for the rest of the day.

Hard downpours are preferred to sun showers. There is something exhilarating about standing in the midst of a million raindrops, rapidly falling around you.  Soft and slow rain is good too, but it lacks certain oomph.  I look to the sky wanting more.  Showers are similar, but not anything like the rain. Showers lack the freedom to roam and run and skip and dance. They lack the scenic view of dirt roads and trees, of cars splashing through puddles and people hurrying by skipping over them. The rain offers you the world at your finger tips. It offers you to notice how the light plays off flowers pedals. It offers to you to notice the softness of your skin and the smell of the air.  The rain offers you to let go and feel the earth.

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