oops.. this didn’t post!

Like most people in the class (I’m assuming) I went into the workshop nervous, but it turned out to be better than I expected. Do I dare say that I enjoyed myself? Cause I did. For some strange reason I felt comfortable with my group right off the bat. And, I am just that way with some people. Everyone else intimidates me, thus trying to show any semblance of my personality comes out in an awkward fumble and a burning, red face. There is no specific set of guidelines that decide who I feel okay around, some people just give off vibes. It also helps that I had my best friend/soul mate/sister (we were separated at birth??) with me, as our personalities seem to shine when we are together and we can truly let loose.
Oops, I think I’ve probably lost a few people with my pointless dribble. Enough about me! More about the group and the experience. My group was funny and I enjoyed their company a lot.  Each, clearly having their own personality and each knowledgeable. I haven’t taken an English course since first year so the feed back was really useful (even the feed back on other people’s stories). There’s lots of things I wouldn’t have noticed like a story being too condensed or when a character pops out of nowhere. Trying to find what to improve in someone else’s writing was useful too. I think they will serve as good reminders of things to look for when I am writing.

Okay, all in all everything went better than expected.  Though, the clever aliases ‘Matilda’ and I had come up with were kind of blown. So there goes the mystery, for 3 people at least.

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