a truthful recount

I’m not a morning person. I’ve been a morning person. Each of my eyelids weighs ten pounds and snap shut upon first meeting with light. I’m also, not the type of person who pays attention. (I once backed up straight into a car parked behind me for failing to notice it before and after getting into my own vehicle…actually that happened only the other week) These facts, are in part, why, at 7:30 am this morning, I grabbed Matilda’s foot earnestly thinking that it was a plum that was sitting on the couch.  Instantly realizing it wasn’t the sweet, tasty fruit I had purchased the day before but a fleshy appendage paired with a hard nail, I gasped and retracted my hand. Puzzled (but smirking), I looked up at Matilda who was equally as confused.  A burst of laughter exploded from both of us at the strangeness of the situation. Laughter that continued long and loud enough to wake up Gabe who shook his head because this is typical behaviour of us. But this is what I like about our friendship. The weird moments we both continually accept and turn into hilarious insiders that ultimately bond us. *cue audience* “AWWWWH”

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One Response to a truthful recount

  1. scottsawesometheoryblog says:

    “snap shut” is perfect.

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